Armed Opposition Mobilizes to Retake Aleppo Prison

Heavy battles have been taking place near the prison for days

A field leader in Mujahideen Army and member of the operation room of Ahel al-Sham, Mulham Ukaidi, had confirmed to Zaman al-Wasl the arrival of heavy support to many battalions near Aleppo central prison and Sheikh Najjar front.


The leader described the fighters’ situation at the fronts as “good”. Heavy battles with heavy weapons have been taking place near the prison. Fighters on the western front, and at the Aamiriya neighborhood in particular, killed 30 soldiers from the regime army.


Akidi said the regime has used chloride gas against rebels and civilians in Aamiriya, but no casualties or suffocations were reported.


Meanwhile, activists reported that regime has turned Aleppo prison into a military base and moved prisoners elsewhere. Sources said  prisoners suffered many diseases like tuberculosis and hepatitis.


The regime managed to break siege of Aleppo prison few days ago, but rebels still holding many fronts nearby.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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