NCC Will Not Meet Regime: Khaddam

Khaddam says regime representation at meeting in Beirut was a surprise

Head of the Information Office of the National Coordination Commission (NCC), Munther Khaddam, said that the Commission has refused to attend a dialogue between the internal opposition and regime delegation in Beirut, organized by a number of former U.S. diplomats, headed by Richard Murphy.


Khaddam posted a message on his Facebook page explaining the reason for the refusal. He said that the meeting was supposed to be between the head of the NCC, Hassan Abdelazim, and a number of diplomats, but the Commission was surprised with the presence of a delegation from the Syrian regime, forcing the NCC to withdraw.


"Mr. Khalil Matar, a U.S. citizen of Syrian origin, visited the General Coordinator, Mr. Hassan Abdelazim at his home and offered him to head a delegation from the Coordination to meet the delegation of former U.S. diplomats, headed by Richard Murphy on Sunday 1 June in Beirut. These diplomats wanted to meet the internal opposition and listen to their views about the crisis of their country, as Obama's administration is to review its policies toward Syria and to open the paths with the internal opposition," Khaddam posted.


"But when the NCC delegation went to Beirut, it was surprised with quite different arrangements aiming at organizing a round table dialogue between the representatives of the internal opposition forces and figures close to the regime. The idea was rejected by the delegation of the Commission and it withdrew to Damascus without participating in the meeting."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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