Jihad Makdissi:Political Solution Now Impossible

Former spokesman calls for Syrians to find common ground

The former spokesman of Syrian Foreign Ministry, Jihad Makdissi, has posted a statement on his Facebook page saying that a political solution in Syria is now impossible.


"We live in a state of certainty that a political solution between Syrians is impossible," the statement read.


"It might be because of the internationalization and the price the country should pay to neutralize that internationalization. Regardless, this pessimism has substantive grounds, as the political path has disabled since the failure of the last round of Geneva talks."


"But to think positively: Isn't it right to say that amid this war, there are still some common factors that wise men can share?"


"Anyone who believes that all of his opponents on the other side are completely conscienceless is wrong. Everyone operates today under the mentality of siege. A little positive thinking without abandoning the national sentiments, the legitimate rights of people and, most importantly, the right to live… could change something in this sad and bloody scene," he wrote.


Makdissi asked that followers add their comments about "what you see as common between the Syrians".


"I am talking about pillars of convergence…not solutions or complete identifications (I wish you will overlook the negatives because we know them by heart and there are many pages full of them," he wrote.


The general common things, he said, are:


1. Rejection of a division of Syria. The state is fighting today on almost all Syrian territory, it is paying salaries to employees everywhere and openly rejects division. As for the opposition groups, there is no word about division as a political goal in the constituent texts of their entities or  political statements.


2. Belief in the need to preserve what remains of the institutions of the state, and there is a common consensus on what needs to be restructured in order to preserve the national constants.


3. Popular consensus among supporters of both sides about the need to end the war in Syria or achieve a sustainable ceasefire that expands gradually. This represents the people, regardless of the intentions of the politicians or the actions of those affected.


4. Comfort of the civil society towards the amnesty which leads to the release of all prisoners of conscience. This enhances  trust in a rational and serious political deal with serious grievances.


5.Rejection of uncontrollable military confrontation which targets the infrastructure, the strategic facilities and people's daily life. There are issues that can be discussed to reach an agreement on the aspects that both parties agree on, such as the definition of terrorism, in order to neutralize it in the conflict.


6. Formation of a Syrian mobile consular delegation to meet the committees representing the Syrians in refugee camps to solve the consular problems of people  such as birth registration and renewal of travel documents, regardless of their political views.


7. Consensus of both parties not to go back to the situation before March 2011.


8. Maturity of people's awareness regarding their understanding of the events of the Arab Spring as it became clear that the required spring is one of citizenship above anything else.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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