Commander of Hezbollah Military Operations in Morek Killed

Rebels have achieved progress in the northern countryside of Hama

The Sham Brigade confirmed on Sunday the death of a Hezbollah officer in confrontations that took place Sunday in Morek.


The Lebanese officer is the leader of the military campaign against Morek, and is one of Hezbollah leaders, according to ad-Durar ash-Shamiyah website.


According to the Hama Media Center, the rebels have achieved progress in the northern countryside after taking control of Musakkar and al-Kassara checkpoints and some sites in the vicinity of Morek in the countryside of Hama.


The Center said that the rebels have targeted the military airport in Hama with Grad rockets, and that a helicopter was burned inside the airport, a mobile radar used to guide aviation was destroyed, in addition to a number of military vehicles. 
The Free Syrian Army took full control of the city of Morek and liberated Souk al-Fustuq and al-Mashfa.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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