Joint Shipping Company to Transport Syrian Products to Russia and Belarus

The plan is part of the "green corridor" project

A joint shipping company will be established to implement the idea of green corridor to transport Syrian agricultural products to Russia and Belarus.


Secretary-General of the Syrian Exporters Union, Mazen Hammour, said that the first step is to buy the ship "Roro" for the purpose, stressing that the existence of two streamers facilitates the exchange of products and increases the amount of exports.


A delegation of the union will visit Belarus on 18-19 September after visiting Russia on 14 September, to complete the agreement of the shipping line between Russia and Syria. There will be also be an attempt to reach an agreement between Belarus and Kazakhstan at the same time, Hammour told SANA.


He added that the green corridor project is the best solution in the current circumstances to transport the Syrian exports to Russia and Belarus and other countries in the region, underlying the importance of providing all the required substitutes to land, air, and sea transportation of exports and imports.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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