Al-Mohaisni:Golani Fights Alongside his Soldiers in Muhardeh

Golani reportedly gave instructions not to kill women and children, never damage property, and never cut the head of any corpse

Saudi doctor, Abdullah al-Mohaisni, who lives in Syria, said that the Commander of the Nusra Front, Abu Muhammad al-Golani, has joined his soldiers in the attack on Muhardeh city – inhabited by majority Christians – in the northern countryside of Hama.


Mohaisni tweeted that "al-Golani joined his soldiers in their battle after delivering a speech to encourage them". He later tweeted that Golani's instructions were strict: Never kill women and children, never damage property, never cut the head of any corpse.


Regarding the number of fighters participating in the attack and their nationalities, Mohaisni tweeted that about 1,000 fighters from more than 20 nationalities are fighting in the battle, including 50 Tunisians and Libyans.


Mohaisni, who is considered one of the major supporters of Jihadist groups fighting in Syria, has written several tweets on his account under the name "the Battle of Muhardeh" which is the name Nusra gave to its battle against regime forces in the city categorized by the opposition as a regime bastion.


Nusra launched its attack on Muhardeh on Saturday and its fighters managed to control the Sikah barrier in the east of the city and Shaliout barrier in its northeast.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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