Syrian Refugees in Zaatari Promote Talents on Facebook

Syrian refugees have good experience across many professions and vocations

'Artisans in Zaatari' is a new Facebook page created to promote the various professional trade and artist workshops in the Zaatari refugee camp on the Jordanian border.


The founder of the page, Khalid al-Zoabi, said the purpose of this page is to help find well-paying jobs for Syrian refugees, not be restricted to low grade jobs like cleaning and guarding.


Syrian refugees have good experience across many professions and vocations, according to Zoabi.


"When Syrians started to look for jobs, we founded this page,” he explained.


The Jordanian government's decision to replace Syrian workers with Jordanians in the short term was another reason Syrians started to need to look for work.


The activist said the main idea of the page was to show others what Syrians can do, as they have turned the desert into a lively, busy inhabited area. The camp's busy market, nicknamed the "Champs-Elysees", has changed from a simple row of stalls for some children’s food into a thriving market containing dozens of shops selling unique products. Now even Jordanian people have started to come to the camp to shop.


The activist said the Facebook page reflects the unique work and the excellent talents and experiences of Syrians, who preferred to fill their time in a productive way, and to manage to earn some money for living without begging.


Link to the Facebook page Artisans in Zaatari


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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