Former Japanese Envoy: Syria is Secular State, Western Countries Deepened Crisis

The ambassador blamed the Western countries for imposing sanctions on Syria


Former Japanese Ambassador to Syria, Masaki Kunieda, put blame on Western countries for having deepened the Syrian crisis through having formed a political opposition as well as helping armed groups.


The ambassador also blamed the Western countries for imposing sanctions on Syria, stressing that these countries’ involvement has had its effect in creating the favorable conditions for deepening the crisis.


Kunieda’s opinions were expressed in a book he recently wrote, entitled the “Contemporary History and the Current Syrian Crisis”.


The negative role that the media has played in promoting the so-called “peaceful revolutions” and “demonizing” the governments was also highlighted in the book.


The Japanese diplomat stated that international sides have interfered in the crisis in Syria, acting upon their interests without any consideration for the principles of international law and that of non-interference in the internal affairs of countries, holding the United Nations responsible for those acts.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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