Bushra al-Assad Refused Europe Visa

European embassies refuse to grant Schengen visa to Bushra al-Assad

Rai al-Yawm, a newspaper with close ties to the regime, has said Bushra al-Assad’s application for a Schengen visa has been rejected. Assad, the president's sister, currently lives in Dubai, and applied for the visa a month ago from a number of European embassies, but her attempts did not succeed.


According to media reports from earlier last year, the European Court imposed sanctions on Bushra, explaining her ties with the Syrian regime remain strong by virtue of her relationship to Bashar.


The European Court listed Bushra Assad's name on the list of sanctions, claiming she continues to "benefit from her ties to the Syrian president, maintaining a close financial relationships with him, along with similar relationships with a number of other regime figures".


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