Petroleum Minister: Rise in Fuel Prices Inevitable

Syrian oil sector the focus in People's Assembly session, as minister claims prices will increase

Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister Sleiman al-Abbas addressed questions from members of the People’s Assembly on the status of the Syrian oil sector during a session on Tuesday.

The Assembly members focused on the need to prevent any shortages of gas and fuel in the future; called for guarantees against price manipulation by distributors, and the need to provide fuel for the people of Aleppo and other areas.

Minister Abbas said that fuel distribution was rationed in some provinces due to the lack of local crude oil production and the decrease in oil arriving at refineries, noting that procuring petroleum products is a large burden for the government due to lower production and crippling sanctions, while providing fuel for vital sectors remains a priority.

He said that the amount of fuel allocated for Aleppo province has been increased, stressing that raising fuel prices is inevitable in light of the circumstances spawned by the crisis and the lack of local production.


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