ISIS Seizes Weapons, Checkpoints in Southern Countryside of Homs

Islamic State media sources claim militants seized a cache of heavy weapons and ammunition along with a number of checkpoints in Homs

The Islamic State (ISIS) seized several checkpoints on Thursday, after clashes with regime forces in the southern countryside of Homs.

ISIS fighters attacked three regime checkpoints in ash-Shomeriyah Mountains south of Homs. After the clashes, ISIS announced it seized the checkpoints, killing and wounding dozens of regime forces, and burning a BMP tank and a Zil tank.

ISIS media sources claim its militants seized a 122 mm gun and a 106 mm gun with large quantities of ammunition for each of them, a 14.5 mm machine gun, a 12.7 mm PK machine gun, in addition to two Konkur and Kornet launchers with many missiles.

Regime media has confirmed clashes broke out in the ash-Shomeriyah Mountain region of Homs countryside, but did not mention the "insurgents" – a regime media description – have seized any checkpoints.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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