Syria’s Internal Opposition to Discuss Coalition’s Political Settlement

Coalition's 'road map' proposal to be discussed by NCB following talks in Paris

Syria’s internal opposition, the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change (NCB), said on Saturday it will discuss and develop basic principles for political settlement in Syria proposed by the National Coalition.

The executive office of the domestic opposition group met with the National Coalition’s delegation in Paris, agreeing to consider the proposed settlement, stating a draft will be developed along with necessarily modifications reflective of its political vision.

The Coalition drafted the road map to plan for a Syrian political future without Bashar al-Assad.

The Coordination Body is a Syrian bloc chaired by Hassan Abdel Azim, consisting of 13 left-wing political parties and "independent political and youth activists".

NCB relations with other Syrian political opposition groups are generally poor.

Some opposition activists believe the Coordination Body is a "front organization" for the Assad government, accusing a number of its members of being ex-government insiders.


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