Regime Collaborators Arrested in Lebanon

Lebanese authorities arrest a group responsible for the kidnapping and returning of defected soldiers escaping Syria

The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces in Lebanon announced the successful arrest of a group cooperating with the Assad regime. The group was responsible for kidnapping defected army officers and soldiers in northern Lebanon, then handing them back over to the regime.

The An-Nashra Lebanese website said, "the kidnapping of officers and soldiers defected from the Syrian army has recently increased in the northern region of Lebanon. As a result of intensive investigations, the Information Division of the General Directorate of Internal Security Forces managed to discover the identity and whereabouts of a group of suspects, then arrested them".

The General Directorate said, "during the interrogation, the group confessed to the kidnapping of an officer and two soldiers defected from the Syrian army, then handed them over to the Syrian regime. They also confessed to an attempt at kidnapping a dissident officer".

Opposition activists are concerned about the harassment of Syrians living in Lebanon, particularly in refugee camps.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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