Coalition Calls For No-Fly Zone in Idleb

Mislit calls for no-fly zone over Idleb city after warning of pro-regime reprisals

The official spokesman of the National Coalition, Salem al-Mislit, called on the international coalition to immediately impose a no-fly zone on Idleb province "to protect civilians from the attacks of the Assad regime and the Iranian occupation, who suffered recent field defeats in the province", according to the National Coalition’s website.

In a press statement, Mislit called for the countries of the Friends of the Syria to impose a no-fly zone in northern and southern Syria, and to arm FSA forces with weapons capable of protecting the civilians from the attacks of the Assad regime, Iranian Revolutionary Guards and ISIS.

Mislit warned of new reprisals by regime forces on Idleb after rebels recently seized the city, stating that the Security Council is fully responsible for the safety of civilians and residential areas and state institutions.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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