ISIS Attack on Yarmouk Camp a ‘Heinous Crime’

Stop this heinous crime, punish those who committed it, and respect the right of Palestinians to be part of our revolution of freedom and dignity

Islamic State (ISIS) forces continue their major offensive against the loyal fighters of Yarmouk refugee camp, 18 months after the enforced starvation by regime's forces on the Palestinian residents and the siege against Palestinian fighters inside the camp.

Rather than exhibiting a show of solidarity towards the Palestinian fighters who joined the revolution in defense of Damascus and its people – instead of forging an alliance and supporting them with food, water, ammunition and weapons to continue their fight – ISIS attacks the heroes of Yarmouk, while a number of Syrian revolution brigades watch on.

The attack by regime forces from outside the camp and ISIS from inside, while destroying the Palestinian resistance aims to encourage the residents of Yarmouk camp to seek reconciliations with the regime, out of fear of ISIS and other extremist organizations.

The Syrian National Rally condemns the attack and demands its immediate cessation, including the departure of ISIS fighters from the camp. The Rally calls on all fighting brigades of the Syrian revolution to intervene to stop the massacres and to prevent the fall of the camp into the hands of ISIS.

We remind people that Syria has always supported Palestine, while the Palestinians never let their Syrian brothers down, as they joined the revolution.

The ISIS attack will only serve the regime's agents, who would easily convince the people of Yarmouk to abandon their Syrian brothers and remain neutral, or join the regime's forces. In both cases, it will be an irreversible loss for the revolution and great victory for the regime. Will the brigades of the Syrian revolution accept that?

Stop the heinous crime, punish those who committed it, and respect the right of Palestinians to be part of our revolution, which promises freedom and dignity, and refuses criminality.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Syrian National Rally of the Syrian National Coalition.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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