PLO Cooperating With Regime on Yarmouk Refugee Camp

Palestinian official says decisions on the liberation of the refugee camp will be taken by both the PLO and regime

The Palestinian official in charge of Syria’s Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, Ahmad Majdalani, has said "the Palestinian Liberation Organization is cooperating with Syria to determine any subsequent steps to be taken in Yarmouk camp".

"Decisions related to liberating the camp from the obscurantist terrorists who control it now will be taken by both sides", Majdalani added at a press conference in the Syrian capital.

Majdalani noted that "the Syrian leadership has dealt with the situation in the camp with high sensitivity since terrorist organizations entered the area at the end of 2012. Syria understands the symbolic importance of the camp, being the capital of the Palestinian diaspora in terms of size and population, in addition to the national and historical role the camp has played in the contemporary Palestinian revolution".

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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