‘Live Syria 2015’ Shopping Festival Kicks Off in Damascus

Monthly shopping festival held at al-Jala’a Sports Complex in Damascus to promote an avenue for direct communication between producers and consumers

A monthly shopping festival hosted by 55 companies began on Saturday evening at Damascus’ al-Jala’a Sports Complex as part of the Live Syria 2015 campaign.

The Damascus Chamber of Industry chairman, Samer al-Debs, said the festival will be held on a monthly basis to encourage industrialists who have remained inside Syria despite the crisis, adding that it will also help consumers find products at reasonable prices with considerable discounts between 25 and 35 percent, with some discounts even reaching 50 percent.

Debs said the Chamber will participate in eight events throughout 2015, and that the experience will stretch to other areas in the country.

A number of representatives said the festival helps by providing an avenue for direct communication between producers and consumers, in addition to promoting brands and providing goods directly to consumers at lower prices.

This festival will continue until April 17.

Live Syria 2015 is an initiative bringing together individuals, establishments, and companies from the public and private sectors with the aim of providing facilitations and services to improve Syria’s living standards.

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