Ghalawanji, Mikdad Discuss Humanitarian, Relief Situation with Swiss Delegation

Swiss delegation briefed by Syrian officials on ways to increase humanitarian and relief work inside the war-torn country

Local Administration Minister Omar Ghalawanji met with a delegation on Monday from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), headed by Swiss Federal Council member Ambassador Manuel Bessler, to discuss the state of humanitarian and relief work in Syria‫.

Ghalwanji, who chairs the Higher Committee for Relief, briefed the delegation on humanitarian and relief work inside Syria, stressing the standing cooperation between the Syrian government and humanitarian organizations.

Ghalwanji affirmed the Syrian government’s preparedness to cooperate with the Swiss Federal Council and the SDC on the basis of respecting Syria’s sovereignty‫.

Bessler, for his part, said the Council is prepared to provide humanitarian and relief aid within the Syria system, which is based on partnership between the government and organizations, voicing interest in signing agreements to facilitate the process‫.

In the same context, Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdad met the Swiss delegation to discuss prospects for cooperation in providing humanitarian aid to people affected by the crisis in Syria, stressing the importance of sustained coordination between humanitarian organizations and the Syrian government.


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