Halki to Australian Delegation: Syrians United Against Terrorism

Prime minister stresses the importance of conveying the reality of events in Syria to the Australian public

Prime Minister Wael al-Halki asserted that Syria’s neighbors do not possess the will to support a regional alliance to combat terrorism.

Receiving a visiting Australian delegation of activists, athletes and journalists, Halki said: “Syrians now are stronger, more resilient and gather around their leadership and army to fight terrorism”.

The prime minister briefed the delegation on the damage inflicted upon Syria’s infrastructure following systematic attacks by terrorist organizations, voicing hope that the delegation would convey the real image Syria to the Australian government and people.

Halki added that Syria has always supported international initiatives that serve a peaceful political solution without foreign intervention.

Father David Smith, the delegation’s head, acknowledged the Syrian government’s enduring strength with its governmental, civil and sport institutions in spite of the past four years of war.

In a similar meeting, Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi also stressed to the Australian delegation the importance of conveying the reality of events in Syria and the crimes committed by armed terrorist groups to the Australian public.

The delegation, who will remain in Syria until July 23, participated in a number of sport events in Damascus and Lattakia.

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