UN Calls on International Community for Greater Humanitarian Funding in Syria

Shortage and resources and funding will impact negatively on humanitarian operations in Syria, top UN representative says

Stephen O’Brien, UN Under Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, has urged the international community to increase funding for humanitarian response programs in Syria, expressing concern over a lack of resources and funding, claiming the deficit will have a negative impact on humanitarian operations.

In a press conference held on Monday at the Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus, O’Brien called for greater efforts in protecting civilians and respecting international humanitarian law, voicing hope for the possibility of reaching a political solution that would allow people to return to normal life.

Responding to questions regarding the recent cutting off of water supplies for Damascus, Aleppo, and Daraa, O’Brien said that it is unacceptable to use the availability of water as a weapon in war, stating in another context that UN agencies treat all areas in an impartial manner, stressing that humanitarian workers must focus on the humanitarian situation rather than military and political issues.

The UN representative also underlined the need to protect workers, ensure their safety, supply them with humanitarian aid, and treat them in a humane manner.


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