Turkey Approves Conditional Entry to Syrians Through Bab as-Salamah Crossing

Border administration permits entry of around 100 Syrians, with more expected to enter in coming days

The General Administration of Syria’s Bab as-Salamah border crossing with Turkey has allowed the entry to the first group of travelers with valid passports and visas.

The administration published an official statement on Wednesday morning, asking travelers to refer to the Travelers Affairs Office within five days.

"About 100 names of the first group of applicants will benefit from approval, and it is expected that the rest of the groups will receive travel approvals in the coming days," Orient website reported.

The administration had stated earlier in August that Turkey would suspend procedures aimed at facilitating the entry of travelers to the Turkish side, from August 10, until further notice.

"The Turkish side stressed the need for new measures, requesting travelers who have passports and visas to provide their papers to the administration of the border crossing in advance to determine the date of their travel," the statement said.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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