Families of Fallen Soldiers Angered by Regime Refusal to Pay ‘Martyr’ Compensation

Relatives of around 40 soldiers killed in a traffic accident between Hama and Lattakia express anger at the regime’s refusal to pay compensation to families

Regime supporters condemned the actions of Assad's military institutions for humiliating fighters killed or injured on battle fronts.

The relatives of around 40 soldiers killed during a traffic accident in the area between Hama and Lattakia about a month ago on the Ghab-Beit Yashout front expressed their anger at the regime’s refusal to pay compensation to families.

The "We want to be laid off" Facebook campaign – run by soldiers who were supposed to have been discharged nearly three years ago – said it received several letters from the families of the killed soldiers, explaining the Assad regime's refusal to consider their sons "martyrs", even though they were killed in the line of duty while undertaking a combat mission. The letters added that the soldiers were in military uniform and carrying their issued weapons with them at the time.

The page publicly denounced the regime's response, asking: "How are these heroes not considered martyrs? And how are their families being denied compensation for the lives of their sons?"

The page noted that the families are still awaiting a response from officials.

Comments on the social media site show the regime is facing widespread criticism from its supporters, especially in regards to the Ministry of Defense’s treatment of soldiers killed in battle.

A Facebook user named Milad Ismael wrote: "The day will come where the martyr will not be considered a martyr until he pays for it," while other profiles openly criticized the corruption inside the regime.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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