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We Will Combat Terrorism Until Security Restored: Interior Minister

Shaar calls on all Syrians to support the army
We Will Combat Terrorism Until Security Restored: Interior Minister

The Interior Minister Major General Mohammad al-Shaar said security forces will continue to work alongside the army to combat terrorism until security and stability are restored to all of Syria.


In an interview with al-Ikhbairya TV on Friday, Shaar said the armed forces are determined to combating terrorism, and that “nothing will dissuade us from carrying out our duties towards our homeland and people.”


He called upon all Syrians to support the army in its fight adding that that Israel is orchestrating the aggression against Syria and that international terrorism seeks to undermine Syria's role and position in the region.


Shaar said that Arab and foreign terrorists arrested in Syria are subject to Syria's laws.


He said that the Interior Ministry is exerting great efforts to curb all crime, calling upon internal security forces to adhere to rules, respect citizens, and fulfill their duties.


Shaar also noted that the Ministry is cooperating with the Central Bank to monitor currency exchange companies and curb any illegal trade, adding that the current circumstances provide a suitable environment for trafficking drugs and that a number of drug dealers have been arrested recently.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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