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U.S. and France Condemn Russia after Escalation on Idleb

The U.S. and France have each condemned the escalation in the Idleb governorate by Russia and the Syrian regime, according to al-Souria Net.
France U.S. Idleb
U.S. and France Condemn Russia after Escalation on Idleb

The U.S. and France have condemned the escalation in the Idleb governorate, since the beginning of the new year, by Assad’s forces and Russia.

The U.S. Embassy in Syria said in its official accounts, on Wednesday, that Washington condemns attacks targeting infrastructure and vital sites in Idleb, calling on the Assad regime and Russia to immediately de-escalate. 

“The United States condemns attacks that harm vital civilian infrastructure, including a water plant near Idleb serving hundreds of thousands of Syrians,” it said in a statement. 

“We call for an immediate halt of escalation by the regime and Russia and respect for the ceasefire in Syria,” it added. 

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This condemnation comes at a time when the Russian and the regime’s aviation and warplanes have stepped up their bombardment of areas in northwestern Syria, They targeted vital centers and residential areas, which resulted in casualties. 

On Tuesday, France condemned the escalation in Idleb, and the French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Anne-Claire Logander, said, “France calls for an immediate halt to the escalation in Idleb and the protection of civilians and humanitarian workers in accordance with international law.” 

“The continued attacks by the Syrian regime and Russia on civilian infrastructure are a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law,” she said, as quoted by AFP.   

The shelling hit the al-Arashani water station, the only water station that feeds Idleb city, according to a Souria-Net correspondent. He noted that the station was extensively damaged as a result of being directly targeted by Russian warplanes, last Sunday.


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