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Turkish Forces Intensify Operations in Northeastern Syria Following Ankara Bombing

The recent Turkish attacks have penetrated deeper into SDF-controlled territory, according to Athr Press.
Turkish Forces Intensify Operations in Northeastern Syria Following Ankara Bombing

In the wake of the recent attack on the Turkish Ministry of Interior building in Ankara on October 1, the Turkish military has escalated its operations against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). This escalation has primarily taken the form of aerial strikes, utilizing Turkish “Bayraktar” drones and “suicide marches,” typically deployed against moving targets like vehicles.

Over the past few days, Turkish forces have targeted three SDF positions. The first strike occurred in the “Qabart Ziara” area between the villages of Tanouriya and Qusayr in the eastern Qamishli countryside. The second strike targeted a brick factory in the town of Safia, north of Hasakah, which the SDF uses as a headquarters. Additionally, on Tuesday, Turkish aircraft targeted a Jeep belonging to the SDF at the Beiruti Bridge, resulting in the death of a leader from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and his companion.

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The contact line that separates the areas under Turkish control from those controlled by the SDF, spanning from Alia Silos in the west to Al-Malikiyah in the east, currently appears calm. Sources in the western countryside of Hasakah have confirmed that there is no state of alert or mobilization of Ankara’s factions in the area.

It’s worth noting that the recent Turkish attacks represent a departure from previous actions, as they have penetrated deeper into SDF-controlled territory. Previously, the attacks were largely confined to areas near the Syria-Turkey border.

The Turkish escalation comes as a response to the bombing in Ankara, for which the Kurdistan Workers’ Party claimed responsibility. Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan stated that all infrastructure and energy facilities belonging to the PKK in Syria and Iraq are now considered legitimate targets for Turkish security forces.

Recent statements from Washington have indicated tacit approval for Turkey’s operations against PKK members in Syria, particularly in the northeastern regions, which fall under American influence. The US State Department has firmly sided with Turkey against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, describing it as a “terrorist organization.” Previously, the US had pressured the SDF to remove PKK elements from Syria, a request that was rejected by the SDF.


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