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Turkish Company Starts Project to Bring Electricity From Turkey to al-Rai

AK Energy will provide electricity to the town of al-Rai in the northern Aleppo countryside, although it is not know how much it will cost residents writes Alsouria Net.
Turkish Company Starts Project to Bring Electricity From Turkey to al-Rai

The Turkish company AK Energy has begun a project to bring electricity directly from Turkey to the town of al-Rai in the northern Aleppo countryside in accordance with a deal signed with the local council running the area.

On Monday, the local council for al-Rai said on Facebook that it had agreed with the Turkish company to bring electricity from Turkey to al-Rai and its countryside.

The council published a photo said to be of the repair and preparation of the electricity lines in al-Rai.

The project is the first of its kind in the northern Aleppo countryside in terms of bringing electricity directly from Turkish territory.

Over the last few months a number of Turkish companies have made investments to bring electricity to the area, through large generators and thermal stations, such as those established in Azaz in the Aleppo countryside.

A public relations official in the al-Rai council, Alaa Hamd, said that the first stage of the project aimed to serve and provide electricity for al-Rai and the nearby Waqf village within a month.

Hamd told Alsouria Net that the Turkish company would later provide more than 40 villages, towns and farmlands around al-Rai, adding that electricity prices had not been set yet because the project was the first of its kind, unlike those relying on large generators.

Over the past two years, AK Energy has become involved with a variety of projects to deliver electricity to parts of the northern Aleppo countryside. The first was in Azaz, which saw a protest recently because of increasing subscription prices set by the company.

The company also has an investment contract to provide al-Bab with electricity in February, along with the cities of Qabaseen and B’za in the northern and eastern Aleppo countryside.

The cities and town of the northern and eastern Aleppo countrysides are run by a local council as part of the Interim Government and the area has been popular for investments, mostly by Turkish companies, whether in electricity or in reconstruction and residential construction.


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