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Turkey Says Kurdish Administration Is To Blame for Water Crisis in Northeast Syria

Turkey has hit back at claims that it is preventing water from reaching Hassakeh, instead blaming the Autonomous Administration for not providing electricity reports Al-Masdar.
Turkey Says Kurdish Administration Is To Blame for Water Crisis in Northeast Syria

The Turkish Anadolu Agency published a detailed explanation in which it said that the Syrian government narrative about the water crisis in Hassakeh is incorrect.

The state-owned agency said that all reports blaming Turkey for cutting off the water to Hassakeh are wrong, claiming that they have details about the real perpetrators.

The agency denied all accusations against the Turkish government, stressing that the real perpetrator is, “the Autonomous Administration controlled by terrorist organizations affiliated with the PKK organization.”

The agency indicated that the Autonomous Administration did not allow the return of electricity to the Syrian city of Ras al-Ayn in the northern countryside of Hassakeh until Saturday, Aug. 22, 2020.

The agency indicated that the resumption of electricity allowed a breakthrough in part to the crisis, as the Autonomous Administration did not respond to days-long campaigns carried out by activists to restore electricity to Ras al-Ayn in order to operate the pumping stations.

The agency confirmed, according to local sources east of the Euphrates, that these entities [PKK] are, “responsible for cutting off water to the residents of Hassakeh and its environs due to cutting off electricity to the Alouk Water Station,” noting that, “the Autonomous Administration is the one who controls the sources of electricity in the region,” and therefore “Turkey has nothing to do with it.”

The agency talked about the, “fact that these [Autonomous Administration] authorities, after failing in the battlefields, resorted to a media war, by employing their ability to control the sources of electricity that feed the water stations, which caused water cuts in the Syrian governorate.”


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