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Trump the Fantasist

US President Donald Trump has continued, contrary to the facts on the ground, to claim credit for defeating terrorism in Syria writes Al-Watan.
Trump the Fantasist

In US President Donald Trump’s latest tweets on Feb. 25, 2019, he declared that no one had dared fight terrorists in Syria but him. The irony here is that the man did not even attribute this “victory” to America, but to himself personally as he used with the phrase, “but me.” This shows yet again the extent of the inflation of his ego, totally unaffected by the fact that the whole world knows the extent to which his statements, expressions and tweets involve lies and fabrications.

Since reaching the White House, Trump has been repeating statements, in which he boasts of actions that he was not responsible for. In this respect, he claimed in one tweet that he was the one who had “defeated the terrorists in Syria,” and that therefore he had decided to withdraw his forces from the northeast! He said in another tweet that he was “the only one who had a right to say he’d defeated the terrorists there.”

President Trump knows that we know that he is lying. However, he doesn’t care about that, but continues to do it because he depends on the saying of Joseph Goebbels that, “if you tell a big enough lie and keep repeating it, eventually people will come to believe it.”

With unrivaled shamelessness, and without embarrassment or concern for others, the American president attributes to himself what he did not do—nor did his soldiers in Syria, who number no more than 2,000. No one has heard of any of them entering into a single battle with the “terrorists,” just as no one in the world has ever heard or learned that any American soldiers has died in Syria fighting for this Don Quixote of a president!

America has sent warplanes, which they claim are raining fire on the “terrorists”, while actually striking Syrian forces and their allies going to fight the terrorists.

The world has not forgotten how America’s raids in Syria were simply a cover to secure greater and greater levels of funding from Syria’s enemies in the Gulf, or how they would use their planes to deliver arms and supplies to the terrorists, which they claimed to be fighting, so they could continue their criminal activities.

No one can ignore the fact that what has happened in Syria over the past eight years has been the product of the United States, as well as its Satanic allies among the Zionists and non-anonymous Arabs, who have tried to hide and lie and cast slander.

Thanks to the steadfastness of Syria, it commanders, army, people and its honorable allies, America’s plans have failed, any yet, Donald Trump will still stand up in public and claim that he alone has secured victory, as the whole world laughs.


The Syrian Observer was unable to independently verify the quoted tweets that were attributed to US President Donald Trump.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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