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Tlass Not Acceptable to Rebels: Labwani

Manaf Tlass is being touted as the head of the new opposition Syrian National Army
Tlass Not Acceptable to Rebels: Labwani

Prominent Syrian opposition figure and member of the Syrian National Coalition Kamal Labwani has rejected some individuals proposed to head the Syrian National Army, which is expected to replace the Free Syrian Army.


Opposition activists circulated unconfirmed news on social media that defected colonel Manaf Tlass had visited Amman for talks to head the National Army, supported by the United Arabian Emirates and supervised by Jordan.


Labwani told al-Arabiya that Tlass is an unacceptable figure among rebels and defected Syrian soldiers. He said the idea will be difficult to market and faces true opposition, especially given his father's history. Mustafa Tlass, his father, was a long serving defense minister under the regime of former President Hafez Assad.


Labwani said Tlass has been proposed as a result of a French and Russian initiative.


Labwani said forming an army without the support of the army battalions on the ground is implausible and said the initiative will fail as it comes under pressure.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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