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The Vision of the Coordinating Commission on Military Strikes

The National Coordinating Commission for the Forces of Democratic Change has issued a statement on its website with the following proposal:
The Vision of the Coordinating Commission on Military Strikes

1. There should be an international consensus about putting Syrian chemical weapons under the direct supervision of the Russian Federation, and to deliver them after the formation of a transitional government to the official Syrian authorities at the time.


2. There should be an agreement to hold an urgent Geneva II meeting within weeks on the basis of the principles that have been agreed upon at Geneva I and with the participation of the main opposition forces.


3. A simultaneous ceasefire should be the first item on the agenda of the Geneva Conference and the development of practical mechanisms to implement it.


4. There should be an urgent hand over of power to a transitional government with full powers headed by an opposition figure agreed upon to manage the affairs of the country and preserve its institutions and the unity of the state and socirty ahead of a democratic transition.


The National Coordination Commission provided this initiative to Russian Foreign Minister Bogdanov and the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Beirut, as well as the Egyptian and Iraqi Foreign Ministries.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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