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The Biggest Victory Is To Eliminate “Terrorism and Terrorist Thinking”: Assad

Syria doesn't need any more chemical weapons
The Biggest Victory Is To Eliminate “Terrorism and Terrorist Thinking”: Assad

Interviewed by the Tishreen (October) Daily on the 40th Anniversary of Tishreen war of liberation, President Al-Assad outlined that "Most of world countries are today  aware of the ongoing in Syria and most of them stand by Syria as far as the solution, especially when the solution is through Geneva 2,'', asserting the need to end support for terrorist groups in Syria, especially the support provided by the West tools in the region like Turkey and Saudi Arabia.


President Assad expressed his belief that the West hasn't so far abandoned its colonial mentality of hegemony policy.


Assad pointed out, however, that the blockade imposed by the West on Syria is no longer a problem, if Syria were able to open its relations better with the rest of world countries.


"The US side can't be trusted and the US history has no commitment by its part to anything it says. The US might say something in morning and do the opposite in the evening. Thus, as I see, the US isn't sincere as far as the issue of agreement with Russia, and this agreement has not been reflected, at least till today, on the performance of these countries; Saudi Arabia is still sending the terrorists and supporting them with money and weapons, and Turkey is still providing the terrorists with logistic support and facilitating their movement and entry to Syria,'' added H.E. President Al-Assad.


"The crisis, though of its intensity, shouldn't frighten us nor make us lose hope. The mistake isn't to learn from this crisis as to be stronger in coming crises,'' underscored H.E. President Al-Assad.


Syria doesn't need any more chemical weapons and thus it presented a proposal in 2003 to the UN Security Council to rid the Middle East from mass destruction weapons, President Al-Assad pointed out, asserting that Syria's accession to Chemical Weapons Convention has nothing to do with US threats.


"The real mass destruction weapons used against us, which we have to think how to deter, are the weapons of extremism. This weapon is the most lethal than any other weapon, and some countries, including Israel, use it against us; we have to focus at this weapon and how to deter it. The most important deterrence  now is how to combat terrorism, and this is the priority at this stage,'' underlined H.E. President Al-Assad.


"We have been saying that every day is suitable for convening Geneva conference; and Syria has been ever ready for Geneva. The ball is, however, in the US and its affiliates in the region's field,'' said H.E. President Al-Assad


President Al-Assad reiterated that Syria has no other alternative but to defend the country against terrorism, asserting that Syria is never to negotiate with the terrorists.


''Syria has no precondition other than non-negotiations with the terrorists, putting weapons down, non-call for foreign intervention. The basic precondition is that the solution and dialogue should be Syrian. If the dialogue were to be through arms, why should we go to Geneva?" outlined H.E. President Al-Assad.


The President highly lauded the 40th Anniversary of Tishreen Liberation War, asserting that the October victory is the victory of the will and Arab mind. 


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