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The Syrian Pound Hit Record Low Against Foreign Currencies

The Syrian pound has taken another hit, falling to its lowest point yet against the dollar reports Alsouria Net.
The Syrian Pound Hit Record Low Against Foreign Currencies

In its last update on Tuesday, the Syrian Pound Today site said the exchange rate to the dollar reached 1,305 Syrian pounds at a buying rate and 1,315 at a selling rate on the black market in Damascus. 

In Aleppo, the dollar was bought for 1,300 and sold for 1,290 pounds, while the Euro exchange rate reached 1,413 Syrian pounds.

The central bank maintained the exchange rate of the Syrian pound against foreign currencies at the rate of 704 Syrian pounds to the dollar, and 764 Syrian pounds to the Euro, while the rate of foreign remittances were fixed at a rate of 700 Syrian pounds to the dollar. 

The price of gold increased, touching 58,500 pounds for 21-karat, according to the Association of Jewelers in Damascus

The price of gold soared globally, hitting its highest rate in seven years, reaching 1,728 dollars per ounce.


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