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Tal Rifaat: Turkey Intensifies Raids and Confuse the Regime’s Deployment Operations

Turkish drones are targetting regime positions in Tal Rifaat, according to al-Modon.
Tal Rifaat: Turkey Intensifies Raids and Confuse the Regime’s Deployment Operations

On Tuesday, Turkish drones bombed a military site of the regime forces on the outskirts of the city of Tal Rifaat, which is under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the northern countryside of Aleppo. 

“A small Turkish drone targeted a military site where groups of regime forces were stationed, near the agricultural airport between Tel Rifaat to the west and the village of Sheikh Issa in the east. The bombing injured several regime members, including a lieutenant named Ali Khodor,” a military opposition source told Al-Modon. 

The source added: “The shelling on the regime’s sites was preceded by an intense flight of Turkish drones over the sky of the area of ​​operations that witnessed a new deployment of regime forces and militias loyal to them, especially in Sheikh Issa village and its outskirts. They are in direct contact with the opposition factions stationed in the city of Maraa, north of Aleppo.” 

“The Turkish army’s military bases, deployed along the line of contact with SDF in Tal Rifaat and its surroundings, are now participating in the air operations of the UAV after equipping them with radars and monitoring towers. From them, small shells are launched to strike fixed and mobile targets of regime forces and SDF in the area,” the source said. 

On Monday night, a Turkish drone targeted a joint site of the regime and military security forces in the western district of Tal Rifaat. 

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A military commander of the Third Corps of the National Army told Al-Modon that the shelling of Turkish drones “confused the regime forces and hindered the deployments they were planning to carry out. It serves as an explicit warning to regime forces that claim to have sent large reinforcements to the region. However, the fact is that these reinforcements are still less than they are being promoted.” 

Russian moves 

Russian helicopters have been absent from the skies of the Tal Rifaat area since mid-July. Russian patrols from the Russian base in the village of al-Wahshiya, southeast of Tal Rifaat, have stopped. 

In other news, the region has witnessed an escalation in the movements of Iranian militias, which have begun work to expand the security cordon around the towns of Nubl and Zahra. They appear to have begun work on the construction of engineering fortifications ahead of the launch of the upcoming Turkish military operation. 


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