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Syria’s Return To Arab League Still Uncertain

A senior Arab league official has said that Syria's return is possible, but not very soon, according to North Press.
Syria’s Return To Arab League Still Uncertain

Hossam Zaki, Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League, said on Sunday that there is no specific time for Syria’s return to the League.
Since 2011, the Arab League has suspended, in an emergency meeting, Syria’s membership in the League until the Syrian government shows compliance in implementing the terms of the Arab peace initiative to find a political solution and settlement in the country.
Zaki, in a televised statement, said that Syria’s return to the League “needs Arab consensus, which has not happened till the moment.”

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According to Zaki, Syria’s return to the League is possible but not very soon.
Countries’ opinions are varied, and each part has a different point of view in this regard, so it is not possible to specify a time frame, he added.
The next Arab Summit is scheduled to be held on November 1st and 2nd in Algeria; however, it is unlikely that Syria will participate in it.
In a previous statement, Zaki said, “We have not reached an agreement regarding Syria’s return to the League yet, although some member states have changed their opinions.”
However, the Assistant Secretary-General said, “some countries have become less conservative, but this is not sufficient to create a kind of comprehensive Arab consensus on this matter, and we have not reached the required stage of consensus so far.”


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