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Syrian Female Activists Send Condolences to Mothers of Martyrs

Message says grief experienced by those losing sons to Assad or to Islamic State is the same
Syrian Female Activists Send Condolences to Mothers of Martyrs

A group of Syrian female opposition activists have sent a message of condolence to the mothers of martyrs killed by the Islamic State (IS).


"To all the mothers who lost their sons in Syria," the message read, "We are Syrian women, mothers from all the components of Syrian people, we are distressed by the crimes committed against 450 captives from our Syrian youth by IS. Our bereavement is no less than the bitterness we felt when our sons were killed by the explosive barrels or under torture or by any forms of daily death."


"In a repeated scene that carries the same pain with different hands, Syrian blood is shed in order to deepen hatred and tear relations between us, weakening our chances of escaping the tunnel of death towards a new Syria."


"We share the loss and the mourning."


The message was signed by a group of female opposition activists, including Basma Qadmani, Rima Fleihan, Asma Kaftar, Rula ar-Rukbi, Lama Qannout, Jumana Saif and others.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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