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Syrian MP Unveils Proposal to Raise Wages to 150,000 Pounds

Muhammad Khair al-Akkam wants to exempt anything below 100,000 Syrian pounds from taxes, according to Hashtag Syria.
Syrian MP Unveils Proposal to Raise Wages to 150,000 Pounds

Parliament member Muhammad Khair al-Akkam revealed a proposal to amend wages and salaries in Syria soon, in addition to a bill to exempt 100,000 Syrian pounds from the salary from taxes and fees. 

Regarding the wage amendment proposal, Akkam said in an interview with al-Madina radio that the proposal will be submitted to the Syrian Minister of Finance to put the salary and wage amendment in the draft budget, without specifying the percentage. He explained that the minimum salary today is 92,000 Syrian pounds.

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A member of the Syrian People’s Assembly pointed out that the proposal submitted to the government stipulates that the minimum wage should be 150,000 SYP.

Akkam said the salary of 100,000 SYP is low and the subsistence limit should be more than that. He added: “The minimum expenditure for a family of four people is at least 1.5 million SYP.”

Last December, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad issued a legislative decree raising salaries and wages in Syria. 

The decree provided for the addition of 30 percent to salaries and wages for military and civilian personnel.

The decree also raised the general minimum wage and the minimum wage for professions for workers in the private, cooperative, and joint sectors, not covered by the provisions of the Basic Law for state workers, to 92,970 Syrian pounds per month.


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