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Syrian-Iranian Talks Foster Cooperation in Agriculture, Electricity, and Investment

A Syrian delegation engaged with prominent Iranian economic groups, according to al-Thawra.
Syrian-Iranian Talks Foster Cooperation in Agriculture, Electricity, and Investment

The ongoing Syrian-Iranian talks are focused on fostering cooperation in various fields, including agriculture, electricity, and investment.

During the meetings in Tehran, the Syrian delegation, led by Dr. Mohammad Samer al-Khalil, Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, is actively following up on the outcomes of the memoranda of understanding and agreements signed between the two nations during Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s recent visit to Syria.

Economic Delegation Visits Iran

One of the significant discussions took place between Dr. al-Khalil and the Iranian Minister of Agriculture, Mohammad Ali Nikbakht. They explored ways to enhance the exchange of agricultural production and collaborate on projects aimed at boosting Syria’s agricultural sector’s productivity. Nikbakht also highlighted the potential benefits of utilizing research conducted by scientific institutions affiliated with his ministry to further develop Syria’s agricultural capabilities.

In another meeting, Dr. al-Khalil and Iranian Finance and Economic Affairs Minister, Ehsan Khandouzi, delved into the procedures involved in establishing a joint Bank and insurance company. They emphasized the importance of streamlining money transfers to facilitate economic growth and promote trade between the two countries.

Moreover, Dr. al-Khalil also met with Iranian Oil Minister, Javad Ochi, to review the existing cooperation between Syria and Iran in the oil sector.

Additionally, the Syrian delegation engaged with prominent Iranian economic groups that expressed a keen interest in investing in Syria’s reconstruction phase.

These talks represent a significant step towards strengthening bilateral ties and fostering progress in the agricultural, electricity, and investment sectors between Syria and Iran.


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