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Syria Condemns Iran Embassy Blast in Beirut

Government condemns the "cowardly attack" against the Iranian Embassy in Beirut
Syria Condemns Iran Embassy Blast in Beirut

The Syrian government vehemently condemned the bomb blast at the Iranian embassy in Beirut Tuesday, in what they called a "cowardly terrorist act".


The attack killed a number civilians and wounded dozens of others.


The government issued a statement in which it stressed that this cowardly attack "reflects the involvement of terrorists, supporters and funders in the region and their insistence on spreading terrorism as a behavior, practice and a culture to undermine the region and its future."


"The Syrian government stresses that combating terrorism is duty of all world nations and governments, and said the involvement of any government or state is a adequate reason for confrontation by the international community," the statement added.


It concluded saying the bombings in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq "have the scent of petro-dollars", thus the Syrian government "calls upon the Lebanese people to stick to the national unity to confront terrorism."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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