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Syria, Russia: Washington Continues To Support Terrorist Organizations

Syria and Russia state that the US is supporting terrorist organizations with the aim to obstruct the return of displaced Syrians, reports SANA. 
Syria, Russia: Washington Continues To Support Terrorist Organizations

Syria and Russia have affirmed that the United States continues its practices aimed at obstructing the return of the displaced Syrians to their liberated areas by supporting its terrorist mercenaries. The US invests in the execution of terrorist operations against the Syrian state and civilians in parallel with the escalation of economic sanctions unilaterally and under different names.

The Syrian and Russian coordination commissions for the return of displaced Syrians said in a joint statement that they continue “to work to create the suitable conditions for the return of refugees and to provide all possible assistance to citizens to secure the voluntary and safe return to their places of residence that they have chosen in the homeland.”

The statement emphasized that the US and its allies are still placing obstacles to the return of Syrian citizens to their homes by “supporting armed terrorist gangs in addition to the economic sanctions imposed in June of last year under the so-called Caesar Act, which are considered a clear violation of international law.”

The statement said that over the past ten years, the American side and its partners have been fabricating information with the aim of controlling social awareness and changing facts in line with the destructive policy of the West against the Syrian state that is fighting international terrorism.

It noted that the American side “is trying through these actions to underestimate the suffering, efforts and sacrifices of the Syrian people who have heroically fought the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization and other terrorist organizations for ten years under their wise leadership after they were able to succeed in combating terrorism with the support of the Russian armed forces.”

On the other hand, the statement noted that, according to UN data, the level of violence, torture, and field execution has increased in the al-Hol refugee camp located in the lands controlled by the American occupation forces in the Hassakeh countryside, and this shows “Washington’s failure to ensure security on the lands it occupies.”

The statement renewed the demand that “the American side stop exerting pressure and destabilizing the social and economic situation in Syria, and to cancel the illegal sanctions and withdraw its forces from all the Syrian lands it occupies.”


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