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SYRCU: Hundreds Killed in Zabadani Within One Month 

Over 200 people killed, activists say, as regime and Hezbollah attacks continue to target city near Lebanese border
SYRCU: Hundreds Killed in Zabadani Within One Month 

The number of victims killed in Zabadani since the regime commenced its attack on the city more than a month ago has reached 207, 86 of which were opposition fighters, and 24 were civilians, while the number of regime forces and Hezbollah militia fatalities reached 97, according to a statement released by the Syrian Revolution Coordinators Union (SYRCU).

"All fighters that died in the battles were from Zabadani and the nearby towns," the Union reported.

SYRCU added that regime forces have killed 24 civilians in the city, most of them with barrel bombs, while dozens more sustained injuries and are being treated in field hospitals inside the besieged city.

The statement added: "At least 69 Hezbollah militants and 26 regime soldiers were killed while trying to progress in the city, which they could not storm despite the repeated attempts and unprecedented bombing."

Mohammed Amin, a local media activist, said: "the number of victims would have been much more if there weren't so many tunnels, shelters and caves in the region".

Amin noted that the mountainous nature of the region provided natural shelters for people during the bombing. “This decreased the number of victims – both civilians and opposition fighters, even though regime warplanes do not distinguish between them."

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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