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Sweets and Bitter Coffee

Hezbollah supporters are celebrating the capture of Qusayr with sweets. He who laughs last laughs best, opposition activists answer them.
Sweets and Bitter Coffee

The capture of Qusayr by Syrian regime and Hezbollah forces on June 6 was welcomed in the southern suburbs of Beirut with gun fires and the distribution of sweets by Hezbollah supporters.


The sense of relief was clear in the southern districts of the Lebanese capital – a stronghold of Hezbollah – after the surprisingly fierce resistance by Syrian rebels and the rising number of victims in the ranks of the Lebanese movement.


Supporters of the opposition had, obviously, a different take on the matter.


The Chinese Revolution, a satirical Facebook page published by Syrian activists, had the following message to those distributing sweets: “Please leave the bitter coffee boiling,” in reference to the traditionally oriental coffee that is served at funerals. In other words “He who laughs last laughs best.”


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