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Suweida Boils: Death of Regime Figure & Fears for Fate of an Activist

Suweida has recently witnessed the killing of a regime security member and the arrest of an activist, according to SY-24.
Suweida Boils: Death of Regime Figure & Fears for Fate of an Activist
Suweida Boils: Death of Regime Figure & Fears for Fate of an Activist

On Tuesday, the Syrian Network for Human Rights expressed concerns about the fate of an as-Suweida activist who was arrested two days ago near the Abbasid garage in Damascus. The activist was arrested for participating in demonstrations that criticized living conditions in the city in 2020. He was taken to an unknown destination.

The human rights network pointed out that the arrest of activist Nawras Tayseer Abu Zain al-Din was not carried out pursuant to a legal arrest warrant issued by a court. Nor was one of Abu Zain al-Din’s relatives informed of his arrest; instead,  his phone was confiscated and he was prevented from communicating with his family or a lawyer.

The human rights network feared that the activist would be tortured, with 85 percent of all detainees being forcibly disappeared.

In related news, the SY-24 media outlet has monitored several local sources stating that the city of Suweida was host to tense security events during the past few hours. These events resulted in the death of a member of the Syrian regime’s political security and the injury of several regime members.

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“Armed clashes broke out near the provincial building and the police station in Suweida, in retaliation for the killing of local armed group’s leader in clashes with regime security forces. The clashes resulted in the death of at least one fighter and the injury of several others, including a captain from the regime forces’ political security branch,” the sources said.

On Monday morning, the city of Suweida witnessed clashes described as “violent” between the residents of the detention center,  Nawras Abu Zain al-Din , and Syrian regime security forces in the area.

According to local sources, the city of Suweida witnessed widespread protests following the arrest of the activist. The unrest escalated to the point of clashes breaking out between residents, who demanded his release, and regime security forces. The violence occurred inside the city in the area between the al-Basel roundabout to the Stadium roundabout.

Despite the calm that returned to Sweida in the early hours of the morning, local sources said a tense quiet continued to loom over the city, amid fears of clashes flaring up from time to time.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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