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Statement Regarding Hassan Nasrallah’s Speech

The Syrian major opposition umbrella responds strongly to Hezbollah's leader Hassan Nasrallah, who had pledged to continue fighting against rebels in Syria
Statement Regarding Hassan Nasrallah’s Speech

In his speech today, Hassan Nasrallah has once again tried to provoke the Lebanese and pit them against their Syrian brothers and sisters, who have revolted against the brutal dictator, Bashar Assad.


Nasrallah continues to gamble with the lives of Lebanese youth on Syrian lands, for the sake of protecting a vicious gang that has shed blood, caused immense destruction and spread unimaginable terror.


Nasrallah has used ideological, extremist, and fringe rhetoric in order to push Hezbollah's followers into a war based on deception, false legacies and lies, also driving the group to death and destruction.


Nasrallah’s speech has the potential for serious ramifications in the region; it explicitly stated that Iranian interests as superior to the basic, inherent rights of people across the region.


Assad forced the Syrian army to kill its citizens, which drove honorable members of the Syrian army to defect and join the revolution. Today, Hezbollah repeats Assad's grievous mistake of forcing his people to kill innocent Syrians, which will undoubtedly lead honorable members of Hezbollah to defect and stand by the truth.


The Syrian National Coalition hopes for peace for the people of Lebanon and rejects Hezbollah’s call to turn the Syrian revolution into a regional conflict. Furthermore, the Coalition does not believe that such aims are in line with Hezbollah’s objectives, nor do they reflect Hezbollah’s true purpose, which has been misguided for a long time.


The Syrian people will stay true to their obligations towards this revolution and will spare no effort to protect Syrians against any aggression that impacts Syrian sovereignty.


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