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Southern Front Denies Rumors of Leaders’ Deaths

Front rejects allegations on social media of commanders' deaths, claiming rumors are the work of Assad's 'electronic army'
Southern Front Denies Rumors of Leaders’ Deaths

A spokesperson for the First Army in the Southern Front denied news circulated on social media sites about the martyrdom of a number of its leaders, also denying a statement attributed to the First Army Command, which accuses fighters of the Nusra Front of spying for Assad's regime.

The Information Office of the First Army said: “All information regarding a statement issued by the First Army Command about the martyrdom of a number of its military leaders is completely fake.”

"We confirm that all our leaders are fine, and that the goal of this fake statement is to create discord and undermine the morale of the Free Army factions in the Southern Front. All this news comes in the framework of the psychological war waged by Assad's gangs and mercenaries. The mercenaries of the ‘electronic army’, which is run by Assad's intelligence, in addition to Hezbollah's Al-Manar channel, have fabricated this news", the statement said.

“All field and military commanders of the First Army are fine, and they will return to the battlefields to liberate Syria from Assad's sectarian gangs, as they promise Syrians to either win or die for this cause", the statement concluded.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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