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Shaaban: Arab Christians, Muslims Will Overcome Zionist “Arab Spring”

Shaaban says Arab Spring aims at distracting people from the Zionist agenda
Shaaban: Arab Christians, Muslims Will Overcome Zionist “Arab Spring”


Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban said attempts at keeping the Arab and Islamic nations busy with internal issues aim to distract them from the Arab-Israeli conflict in line with the Zionist aims.


"The causes of the occupied Palestine and Syrian Golan, in addition to all other occupied Arab territories, are the compass of all the events in the region," Shaaban told a press conference following an urgent meeting held by the Board of Trustees of  theal-Quds International Foundation.


Dismissing the Zionists' so-called "Arab Spring" as "a bloody Arab winter", Shaaban stressed that this alleged spring will yield "a real Arab Spring and its key tools will be in the hands of the Arab nation."


Those tools, she said, are "resistance and the continued struggle to return the Arab rights to their legitimate owners."


Shaaban told reporters that the meeting, held at the Sham Hotel in Damascus, focused on discussing the "dangerous situation" of al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem city and the systematic Zionisyt acts of aggression inflicted upon the Palestinian people.


Some 24 mosques, 6 churches and 4 historic monuments have been destroyed by the Israeli occupation forces in the past two months alone, she noted, adding that one of the demolished mosques has been transformed into a Jewish Knesset.


"The Zionist attempts targeting al-Aqsa Mosque are aimed at partitioning it in the same way the Ibrahimi Mosque was before, and we are listening to their calls to transform the Mosque into a Jewish worship place," said Shaaban.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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