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Security Cordon Surrounds Shiite Shrines In Damascus

New security measures implemented in the capital's oldest neighborhoods following recent attack on bus carrying Shiite passengers
Security Cordon Surrounds Shiite Shrines In Damascus

Neighborhoods in the ancient capital of Damascus are witnessing a state of fear and panic due to tight security measures implemented by the regime, with barriers scattered throughout the old neighborhoods of the city, including areas around Shiite shrines.


Citizens are subjected to thorough inspections, while cars and bicycles are not permitted to enter al-Hamidiyeh market, al-Amara, Shaghour, Qaimariya and al-Harikah neighborhoods following the recent bombing in the al-Kallaseh area, where nine Shiites were killed near as-Sayida Ruqaiyah shrine.


In a further step, the security forces have begun to remove most of the goods displayed in the streets and sidewalks of al-Hamidiyeh market.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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