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Sectarian Militias Secure Damascus Airport

Photos show the Iraqi Rapid Intervention Regiment manning security for arriving Iraqis at Damascus airport
Sectarian Militias Secure Damascus Airport

Pictures recently obtained by the Syrian Reporter Network show a group dressed like the Iraqi Army awaiting Iraqi figures at Damascus International Airport.

The Network confirmed the group in the image follows the militia of Iraqi Rapid Intervention Regiment, noting that: "the eagle on the military uniform worn by the regime's army is no longer enough to protect Iraqi militia figures, who no longer trust the Syrian army. So they use the Iraqi eagle, the Iraqi uniform and its security militia to receive Iraqi figures and stop the Syrians and humiliate them".

The Network added: "the role of Assad's army is only to die on the fronts, while Iraq's militias and military uniforms occupy Damascus, right down to the airport – its gateway to the world".

Over 15 Iraqi and Iranian militias are believed to be fighting beside the regime, with these militias capable of controlling all critical positions of the state in regime-held areas. Regime troops now occupy the second degree in the classification of sectarian Shiite fighters on the ground.

Media sources confirm that the Assad regime is no more than an interface, while most areas are now managed by Shiite mercenary corps, with Syrian Alawites following their orders.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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