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Russian General Meets With Sheikh Hikmat Al-Hijri in Suweida

Sheikh Hikmat al-Hijri has briefed a top Russian general about the situation in Suweida, according to Etihad Press.
Russian General Meets With Sheikh Hikmat Al-Hijri in Suweida

A high-ranking Russian general visited the village of Qanawat in Suweida and met with Sheikh Hikmat al-Hijri. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the situation in the governorate and hear Hijri’s viewpoint about it.

Local media reported that Gen. Andrei Kolotovken, a high-ranking official in the Russian forces, visited the house of Hijri, the head of the Druze sect in Syria. He was accompanied by the head of the State Security Branch in Suweida, Brig. Gen. Salem al-Hosh. 

The aim of the visit was to discuss the situation in the southern region and the Suweida Governorate, especially after the settlement process launched by the Syrian authorities this month, to find a solution to the problems in the governorate. 

A source close to Hijri said that he talked about the deteriorating economic situation in the governorate and the country in general, as well as the security situation, indicating that these problems require a set of solutions and seriousness in adopting and implementing them.

He also said that the recent settlement requires other measures from the concerned authorities — measures that would improve the living conditions of conscripts in the military service and would avoid the reasons that force young men to derelict their duty and not join the military.

The Russian general spoke about what he described as the persistent efforts exerted by Russia, in coordination with the Syrian government, to accomplish reconciliations in the southern region of Syria and the rest of the regions.

A general from the command of the Russian Armed Forces had previously conducted a series of visits to the governorate’s elders and religious entities late last year and revealed the existence of Russian efforts to bring about a settlement in the governorate in coordination with the Syrian authorities, which were kicked-off this month.


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