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Russia Air Raids Target Opposition Fighters, Avoids ISIS

Military source confirms Russian aircraft carried out bombing attack against Syrian opposition fighters on Wednesday
Russia Air Raids Target Opposition Fighters, Avoids ISIS

Syria’s state news agency, SANA, reported from a military source that "as part of the agreement between the Syrian Arab Republic and the Russian Federation to counter international terrorism, Russian air forces have carried out its first raids on the northern areas of Homs."

Russian warplanes carried out air raids on the town of Zafarana, killing 11 people and injuring dozens, with the town also witnessing a displacement movement, opposition sources said.

The air raids also targeted the town of Talbiseh, killing over 15 people and injuring scores more.

The raids included the bombing of Makramiyah, killing one and injuring several others, while six others were also killed in Rastan. The western parts of Farhaniyah were also targeted with several strikes, leading to the injury of several civilians.

SANA reported late Wednesday that Russian air forces, in collaboration with the Syrian air force, carried out several air strikes targeting Rastan, Talbiseh, az-Zafaran, at-Tulul al-Humr, Aydoun and Derfoul and Salamiyah in the central region.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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