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Restless Bombardment: Two Children and a Woman Killed, 28 Wounded in Northern Syria

Since the attack on the Homs military academy, Syrian regime forces have led a relentless bombardment campaign, according to Enab Baladi.
Restless Bombardment: Two Children and a Woman Killed, 28 Wounded in Northern Syria

The Syrian regime forces have continued their relentless bombardment and military escalation in northern Syria, in collaboration with their Russian allies, for the fifth consecutive day. This has tragically led to casualties, injuries among civilians, and forced displacement as people seek refuge from the relentless attacks.

According to preliminary reports from the White Helmets organization on Sunday, two children lost their lives, and a woman suffered a fatal cardiac arrest during the shelling. Additionally, 28 civilians were injured, including two dedicated volunteers from the White Helmets who were also harmed.

The ongoing shelling, which began in the morning, has targeted residential neighbourhoods, main roads, a camp, and an educational facility. Fortunately, two individuals trapped under the debris resulting from the shelling were successfully rescued, and several injured individuals received immediate assistance.

Syria Today – Shelling Kills Five Civilians; 60 Dead After Drone Attack on Military Academy

Local military observers and observatories have shared video footage depicting fires ignited by falling shells and rocket attacks, including the Idleb National Hospital being affected by this relentless violence.

Furthermore, regime forces used heavy artillery to bombard the vicinity of the villages of Musaibin, Sarja, and Deir Sneil in the southern countryside of Idleb. This aggression occurred concurrently with the presence of Russian warplanes in areas of northwestern Syria that are beyond the control of the regime. Russian aircraft carried out air strikes with vacuum missiles on the hills of Kabina in the northern countryside of Lattakia.

Starting Sunday morning, the regime forces, stationed at checkpoints surrounding Idleb city center, relentlessly launched rocket attacks. Tragically, civilian homes bore the brunt of these attacks, resulting in casualties and injuries.

In the city of Sarmin, east of Idleb, the Women’s and Family Health Center, affiliated with the White Helmets, was severely damaged and forced out of service due to missile shelling.

This latest escalation follows a violent night during which regime forces targeted Darat Azza in the western countryside of Aleppo, using rockets and artillery shells, adding to the distressing situation faced by the affected population.  

45 dead: preliminary statistic 

According to the White Helmets, the toll resulting from the escalation by regime forces and Russia on Saturday reached a devastating count of 11 fatalities and 26 injuries. These casualties were a direct consequence of heavy artillery shellings, rocket launcher attacks, the detonation of cluster bombardment remnants, and airstrikes by warplanes. The attacks targeted more than 15 cities, towns, and villages in the countryside of Aleppo and Idleb.

This grim toll is compounded by another report issued on Saturday, which documented the killing of 32 civilians and the injury of 167 others over the course of four days. As of the preparation of this article (on the fifth day), the total number of casualties during the past four days has tragically risen to 45 fatalities.

In response to a drone attack that took place at the Military Academy in Homs last Thursday, the Syrian regime placed blame on opposition factions in the north. The attack resulted in the tragic loss of 89 lives and prompted the regime to intensify its military campaign, targeting Idleb, its surrounding areas, and parts of the Aleppo countryside. However, military analysts and experts have cast doubt on this attribution, citing technical factors such as the considerable distance between the opposition-controlled regions and the regime, the varying levels of military capabilities, and the unlikelihood of opposition factions possessing drones capable of covering the large distance to reach the Military Academy in Homs, which spans over 100 kilometres.

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